Текст песни Reverie
I have you in my dreams at night
You were holding my hands
Then I awake and you're not mine
Now it's time to rise

I want to turn cold ice in my soul
Got to freeze this yearning inside

When you're inflicted by
The passion of love
Desire and yearning the
Deeper they burn
You were...
Now it's to late
You were...

Now you're gone
It's too late
I wes wrong
It's my fate

"I think of you and I see me
I'm the one I thought I've never be
I feel dirty - no purity
Desire and yearning in your heart
No mercy for you
No mercy for me.

Музыка: Марко Коти Зелати, Кристиано Мильоре; слова: Кристина Скаббиа, Андреа Ферро; адаптация текста: Valerie Lynch.