Текст песни My Wings
Slip out the door and fly
I'm lost in time, I hover
As an angel, I hover

Embracing all myself I reel
Through the storm that is shaking me
I don't know where
I don't know why
I know I'm not going to fall

And butterflies are flying (fly away)
Right beside me
As I ascend to the clouds

N0, I won't delay
No, I won't delay
Time is like a knife for me now
I just won't delay

Time is mine
I got the blade
Change your mind
I'll make you stay

Butterflies are flying
And I just won't delay

Музыка: Марко Коти Зелати, Кристиано Мильоре; слова: Кристина Скаббиа, Андреа Ферро; адаптация текста: Valerie Lynch.