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Over the past few albums , lacuna coil have gotten used to working under challenging deadlines, typically spending less than a month in the studio having to record parts for both of their singers. Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, as other artists prepare to replace them in the studio. So when the Milan based goth rockers found out they'd have two full months to create their new album, Shallow Life, it felt like a weight had been lifted.

"it took a lot of pressure off" says singer Cristina Scabbia, two days before Lacuna Coil are scheduled to leave North Hollywood's NRG studios. If we felt shitty we didn't have to work. We were able to take out time and fine - tune everything. Even so, I wish we could have at least a week more to put everything together perfectly. But I know that if we stay here one more week, we'll be changing things so it's better to leave it as it is because I think it's great"

Like 2006's Karmacode, Shallow Life is a sinous blend of anthemic rock, riffy metal, and haunting goth, but songs like "Spellbound" and "I like it" are tighter, more straightforward and slightly less atmospheric then the bands past output. It's definitely us but the energy is completely different and the whole album feels more 'rock' " Scabbia explains. "I think that's because, as an artist, you travel a lot and listen to the radio and your exposed to all these different styles that run off on you. To me this is a perfect mixture between our old European sound and something more modern. "

This new sound was captured with producer Don Gilmore (Linking Park, Avril Lavigne), who pared away extraneous instrumentation, brought arena sized hooks to the foreground and kept the mix crisp and clean - which doesn’t mean the songs lack bite. "Some of it's very heavy," Scabbia says. "The most amazing thing is, we've been able to improve everything about Lacuna Coil without taking away anything good or doing something that doesn't belong. "

Another change is the frontwoman's new lyrical approach. Shallow Life will be Lacuna's first concept album as all the songs address superficiality and the discontent and unhappiness it can cause. But while there's an overarching theme, it's hardly cohered and cambria. "every single song is clear by itself" Scabbia explains. "For Example, one is about how rough it can be to be in a relationship, and another is about how cool it is to be out of a relationship you're not pleased about. Another is about feeling like a boxer knocked on the ground that can't wait to go back to the fight and kick the challenger's ass."

The members of lacuna coil started serious writing for Shallow Life in March of 2008, working through songs idea in the practice room five days a week. Unlike past writing sessions, which were marred by disagreements, the creative climate was harmonious and productive. "I don't know why but everyone was on the same page about everything" Scabbia recalls "And it's amazing because that excitement totally reflects on the album."

At the end of August, Lacuna coil did a week of pre-production, then began tracking with Gilmore in September. In addiction to providing structural guidance, the producer encouraged the band to add guitar solos and experiment more with Middle Eastern Vocals melodies.

"He helped us find out strengths and work with them to be even better." Scabbia says. Sometimes when you're used to something you get stuck in your own process and you don't see the big picture. So when someone from the outside comes in they give you a completely different opinion that you don't have because you're always stuck in there"

She illustrates her point with an example only an attractive woman used to being in the spotlight could concoct: "Say you never go out without makeup and somebody comes up to you and says ' Hey what do you think about putting a little bit of makeup on your eyes. You would look better.' and you just do it and it's like, Fuck I never noticed that I can just improved what's already there.