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When, where and how did the band come together :We got together in 2004, after meeting as friends in a metal pub in Milano. We produced a demo tape with a couple of songs in 1996 and sent it to labels we were interested in , basing ourselves on the music we loved at that time and since 1997 we've been recording and touring non stop, putting together 5 albums. We have a new one titled "Shallow Life" coming out next year.
Best description of your sound to someone who is yet to hear you would be... Uhm...maybe a mixture of rock, goth and metal, incorporating a modern sounds and melodies.. Ah, whatever, we never really cared about written descriptions anyway, the best way to find it out is to listen to our music,right? Let's call it "the Lacuna Coil sound".
Someone who isn't too familiar with your stuff, which release would you suggest they start with? I'd say, "get the whole discography, at least listen to it", it's probably the wisest thing to do. Personally I like the album "Karmacode" best because it's still the most fresh to my ears at the moment (beside the new album of course...but people haven't heard it yet!), but I love every single song we did so far, for different reasons. It's always a personal choice, anyway, so listen to the whole package (buy it, borrow it from a friend, listen from internet) and then make your decision and pick up your favourite!
What is your latest release, give it a plug, tell us about it. As soon as the latest release so far it's been out since 2006, I'll say something about the VERY new one, that will be out in 2009. "Shallow Life" it's a great album, with great songs, recorded at the NRG studios in Los Angeles and produced by Don Gilmore (Linkin park, Good Charlotte, Pearl Jam), who definitely took the band to the next level. I've never been so happy about one of our creations, we've learned so much from this whole experience. The songs have an excellent structure, wonderful choruses and lyrics, they are definitely straight to the point! It's a really intense and personal work, who totally represent who we are now, after more than 10 years in the rock/metal world.
Favourite song to play live.. and why? I can love songs like "Our Truth" cause you can be aggressive on stage but I also love the very melodic performances, with songs like "Entwined", where you can be kinda "acting" a little bit more and enjoy the calm after the storm. But it can be any song, it really depends from the reaction of the audience and even the least favourite song can become the favourite one. It's always an exchange of energy in between them and us performing.
If you could go back in time and write any one song.. what would it be.. It's a VERY difficult question for a musician, there are so many amazing bands from the past and even in the present, that wrote and write great music. It's also difficult cause it depends on why you would go for a specific choice, if for the importance of the song itself, of the meaning of the lyrics, or the fact that a song was innovative, or maybe just cause with some of the songs your publishing quote would be MASSIVE, ahah! So I would not reply to this question, cause I don't even know what to answer.
Most memorable moment / best achievement with the band to date would be... I have to be honest, we did so many things that when I'll send these answers out I'll be like "Shit, I forgot to mention THAT thing!THAT was really important", we have TONS of great moments to remember and things we are proud we did, from participation to big festivals in prestigious stages, on covers of magazines...but in the end, maybe, the biggest achievement is that we are still together after so many years, with the same line up, still going strong and with the same, if not bigger, passion for our music. This is really rare.
Have you toured with any of the Soundwave bands before? give us a quick story.. We toured with Lamb of God in occasion of the Ozzfest festival in the US, I still remember barbecues and wine cheers with Randy and the guys, they're lovely guys and they always have a killer set. With Devildriver we shared the stage on our very first australian experience, during the Gigantour with Megadeth, they are just amazing and last but not least our good Swedish friends In Flames. We shared the stage several times on tours and festivals and I simply ADORE them. As persons and as musicians.
Which bands on the Soundwave lineup are you most likely to be found partying with after the show? The bands I mentioned above, cause I know them, it will be partying with friends, which is the best thing. But I guess a Bloodhound Gang party could be pretty brutal!
Who in your band is the party animal? Give us a quick story on antics of the past.. Depends on who drinks the most. You don't wanna know what happened though... And what happens in Lacuna Coil ...stays in Lacuna Coil biggrin.gif
You have been to Australia before... What's the memory most stuck in your mind... Definitely the visit to Sydney and the Koala sanctuary in Brisbane. I fed a wallaby from my lips and pet a koala, how damn cool was that????
Thing you are most looking forward to about coming to Australia this summer? Beside the festival (I've been told it's a fantastic festival!) ...to fed another wallaby from my lips and pet another koala. So there.
Is there anything you "just have to do" while you are in Australia? I think that after the previous answers it's pretty clear what I HAVE to do while in Australia, ahah! Oh, and maybe I'll buy some Macintosh accessories while I'll be there, they are cheaper than in Italy.
If the rider fairy was to grant you one wish, what would be awaiting you backstage at the festival.. REAL ITALIAN PASTA WITH REAL ITALIAN SAUCE, MADE THE REAL ITALIAN WAY.
You should catch us when we play Soundwave because.. ...we are 6 hot pieces of ass, ahaha! I'm joking (I mean , that's not the only reason biggrin.gif), you should check us cause we'll give away a passionate show , full of rock and sweat!
Any Final words... We can't wait to come back to Australia. It's one of the most beautiful places I visited so far and we are honored to be part of this line up, this year. Come to check us out, I'm sure you'll have fun, as we will surely have, I'm excited already!