Текст песни Comalies
Il tuo silenzio guarda dentro
Non resistero

E' un attimo,
Nel tuo vuoto sento che
io non ce la faro

Walk on by
You walk on by

Wondering why

Wandering from you
Falling at your side
Wandering from you
Healing my desire

Stumbling in your soul
Give yourself to me
Hurting your desire
Healing mine

dal mio rimorso,
sei diverso
mentre muoio e poi
risorgo dentro te

Finche vivro
ricordarti cos?
sara una colpa eterna su di me

English Translation

Speak to me
your silence looks at the inside
I won't resist

It is a while,
in your emptiness I feel that
I won't make it

walk on by
you walk on by

wondering why

wandering from you
falling at your side
wandering from you
healing my desire

stumbling in your soul
give yourself to me
hurting your desire
healing mine

unleash me
from my remorse,
you are different
while I am dying and then
I'm rising again inside you

as long as I live
remembering you like this
will be an eternal blame on me